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Tuesday, April 18, 2000   /   by Karey Kendrick

Avoid the Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars When Selling Your Palm Beach Home

"The last thing you need are unbudgeted financial obligations cropping up hours before you take possession of your new home."
Are you an Empty Nester who needs a North Palm Beach area home for the future? Is it time to downsize or to move into another home more suitable for your glorious retirement years?Like thousands of local home sellers, you may discover that after years of non-stop child traffic in and out of your doors, toys on the floor, music floating throughout, you can suddenly hear a pin drop over the quiet hum of the refrigerator. Your rooms are filled with pictures and memories of this wonderful time in your life, but there are many empty rooms gathering dust now that your children†have moved on. The freer years ahead are exciting ones to look forward to, and it may be time for you to move as well.If you find yourself in this situation, you're in vast and good company. What this means is that there are many wonderful opportunities for you to create this new chapter ...

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