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Allamanda Elementary School8

Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Palm Beach County


May 31, 2014

My son loves this school. The ESE program is wonderful. The teachers really care and my son has learned so much. I just wish the grade went up to sixth. We will miss this school....

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March 29, 2014

My kids love the school. They provide with excellent education and also engage kids in learning with fun activities. I am grateful for the teachers at this school because they are continuously informing my kids improvement specially my son that is in special education. Very Happy!

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October 10, 2012

We are new to this school and love it! Moved here from another state. Everyone is so nice, helpful and friendly. Lots of after School Events too. Glad we are fortunate enough to start out in such a Great School in Florida. Here's to a Great Year at Allamanda! My child thinks all the kids and teachers are so nice too!

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August 12, 2012

Do not send your ESE student to Allamanda if you have a choice! Use your McKay scholarship to move to an appropriate private school. Allamanda has the worst ESE teachers, low parent involvement, and the ladies at the front desk are rude and unprofessional. My childs teacher would take them to the bathroom (there's a bathroom in each classroom and no cameras allowed) when she was angry and twist his arm behind his back until he'd cry!! He only told me this after the school year was over and after he became more verbal due to outside of school therapy. Another teacher we had barely spoke or wrote proper English which I still can't comprehend why a school chooses to put such teacher in an ESE classroom when our children are delayed speech anyways. That was a wasted year and she was rude to my son after he was out of her class by ignoring him if he said hi to her at drop off and pick up after school. Aadditionally, we had a terrible wasted 3rd year in 2nd grade with DiCarlo. Lack of communication skills, looses it in the class room, disorganized, & disheveled. Transfer if u get her! Rona should retire! She is rude, disrespectful, and insensitive regarding our children. (Continue..)

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August 30, 2011

sadly this school has been on an out-of-control downward spiral as of 2009. We will be transferring.

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August 26, 2011

Chapter 8 Sect. 8.025 state statute states in paragraph 13. PHYSICAL EDUCATION TIME (P.E. OR RECESS) TIME SHALL NOT BE WITHHELD AS A PUNISHMENT OR USED AS A PUNISHMENT. Allamanda DOES NOT abide by this law. It is not just 1 or 2 teachers that do not abide by this, but there are MANY teachers who do not abide by this. I have spoken with numerious parents and I am finding that this issue is equally a problem for the ESE program as it is with the main stream program. I DO NOT believe these ESE children should be "punished" by taking away their recess time! They should be "redirected" immediately after an incident, not punished. What good is taking away recess for a punishment 30minutes -1.5 hours later after the incendent occured?? At this point, they are not even connecting the dots. A child with Autism does not understand why they are being punished from recess when its up to 30min-an hour later. I do not think these teachers/office staff have been trained into how NOT to PUNISH our kids, but try redirecting them immediately. Then there is a chance we are getting through to these children and why something was wrong.

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August 26, 2011

WHY is Allamanda hiring ESE teacher that barely speak good ENGLISH?!? Here we have a great ESE program, but then they hire teachers who's stronger language is SPANISH, speaking broken ENGLISH. WHY??!!? I cannot understand my child's teacher, let along can I expect my child to understand her. The journals they send home daily with their daily report of how their day went is written in such broken English, that I have to re-read it to understand. I rather them teach my child spanish rather then broken English. These teachers should be able to teach our children with special needs, language delays , comprehension problems, or with autism with clear, grammatically correct English! What are they thinking????!!!

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June 6, 2011

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Allamanda Elementary. My son who was in 5th came from North Palm Elementary (Awful). Let me tell you Allamanda surpassed my expectations. There is constant communication between the teachers, parents and student. I love the discipline structure at Allamanda. and Mrs Vonderhaar, Mrs Norman and Mrs Gorman are terrific!! My daughter also attended her first year (Kindergarten) this year and let me say ROCK ON Mrs. South and Mrs. Amber. They made it such a positive experience for my child and for us as parents. I have nothing but HIGH PRAISES for Allamanda. I never had any issues with pick up and drop off or returned phoned calls. Also take the opportunity to Volunteer once in a while it makes the kids happy and also helps the Teachers (I worked full time also). Thank you Allamanda and can't wait to next year!!!!!!!

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April 16, 2011

Principal Garcia is the most rude, beligerent and disrepectful person I have EVER conversed with. She sits on a high horse and refuses to return calls, and belittles parents when forced by the school board to finally call a parent back. Also the school is extremely strict during lunch time. The kids can barely talk without being told to be quiet. They are EXTREMELY loose with who picks up your kid from the curb. So be there @ 2pm when they come out. There are however some FANTASTIC teachers there who are head and shoulders above any I have encountered. Ms. Nelson (2nd grade) and Statlander (K) are AMAZING. The front desk staff are TOP NOTCH. Just avoid Ms. Herman for Kindergarten - she is horrible and mean to the children. If it wern't for the aformentioned things, I would rate a 5. But over-all a 3.

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January 23, 2011

To much pressure on the child all they do is worry and prep for FCATS, My child still has not been taught basic Time, Money etc and she is 9. We have to do hours of homework each day to catch up. Horriable way to send the child home.

April 24, 2010

This school prepares the students for the best things in their future.

March 22, 2010

This school claims they are an A rated school. A for Anxiety. Al they care about is the FCAT at the expense of our children learning nothing.

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August 22, 2008

The more I get to volunteer here, the more I love this school! And most importantly, my son enjoys being in school!

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August 4, 2008

By far i think this school is the best school in Palm Beach County. The Teachers are outstanding. They work with the children in a way the children can relate to. they also give alot of homework and that is great we need to stay on top of our kids educations. when i was young i can remember only getting homework once a week.

November 1, 2007

i loved this school i went there from k to 5th grade the best school years i will never forget my teachers and 5th grade was the best school year amazing the school is great and the teacher r wonderful i have been in chorus since the 2nd grade and the music teacher is awesome it was a great expierience and i recommend this school mrs.south,ms.m,ms.nelson,ms.laplaca,ms.howe,and mrs gorman alll amazzzzing teachers

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